Natural Nails And Colors | How to look stylish | Useful İdeas


As we all know, today's fashion is gel nails. Neon colors or natural, we all love new designs. today we want to write especially about natural gel nails.


  1. Posted by belabooey, — Reply

    how do u grow out your nails. I’ve tried coconut oil, castor oil, Vaseline, nail growth serums and I also apply coconut oil hand cream to them like 15 times a day but nothing works. I’ve been trying intense treatment base coat but that isn’t working

  2. Posted by DepressedGremlin, — Reply

    Love how everyone is complimenting her fingernails or saying how they can't get them that long. I'm just here thinking, damn if she didn't have long nails she could probably...nvm there's children around

  3. Posted by hofojojo, — Reply

    Lol wish i could grow long nails on both hands but i play the violin so my left hand has to have the trim every now and then while my right hand is the photogenic long one haha

  4. Posted by Ayatttttttt, — Reply

    it also depends on what you eat... your nails need proteins for them to grow for example drink milk, eggs, cheese that would help not only for your nails but for your hair and bones

  5. Posted by Omq_ItsCade, — Reply

    This person hands are so perfect it’s scary 😂

  6. Posted by senpaiunderscore2kawaii, — Reply

    Why you people’s fingers so long bruh. Mine looking like they came straight outta Minecraft.

  7. Posted by brayverbear, — Reply

    don't ever try to fight this girl, or else you'll get home with a bruised scalp. just kidding 😅

  8. Posted by shijimaya, — Reply

    I dont know why but my nails grow normally (not too fast, not too slow) but my pinky nails never grow whaat

  9. Posted by bethanynorthrup, — Reply

    Girl you alien 👽

  10. Posted by chayannemipatron, — Reply

    Una cachetada y te reinicia hasta el Windows 👁👄👁

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